About Us
We are Bob and Terry Reed.
Both of us have loved animals all our lives. Terry grew up with Boxers and German Shepherds and Bob had a Cocker Spaniel. We also had hamsters, pet rats, birds and fish - and we always had at least 2 cats!
When our daughter was 2, we promised her a dog of her own. Being a child of firm opinions, she insisted on a "brown poo-doo dog" in spite of all our attempts to sway her to a different breed. So we hunted and hunted until we found a chocolate brown Miniature Poodle. Toby was with us for 13 years, and over that time, we showed him in a couple of matches and in obedience. When he crossed the bridge, we knew we just couldn't have another Poodle, and we also knew we wanted to try showing dogs. After much research, we decided a Basenji was right for us.
So in 1991 we became the proud owners of Dune's Velvet Illusion aka Dino. He was a beautiful black and white boy; to this day we still have a weakness for the elegant blacks. As it turned out, showing in conformation was not Dino's passion, so we got a lovely red and white girl....and it began.
We bred our first litter in 1999 and have bred sparingly, but we hope well, since then.
We retired from teaching Special Education in 2009 and now have almost 6 acres in Texas to indulge our joy - our Basenjis. We show regularly in Conformation, both AKC and UKC, do a little lure coursing, and hope to expand our horizons into other dog-related activities.
We are members of the Basenji Club of America and charter members of the South Coast Basenji Fanciers.