The Boys
 GCh. Illusion's Jelani Rio
       DOB 12/02/2007
Ch. Illusion's Rio Grande of Dune
Ch. Illusion's Moonlit Arrow, JC
Fanconi: Prob. Carrier
JR looked so much like a young Tex that we called him "Tex Junior" as a puppy - thus he became JR. JR inherited his dad's wonderful temperament and his lovely side gait. His mom Arrow also contributed to his sweet attitude and his dark red coat.

JR is our clown - he's one of the happiest and silliest dogs we've ever had. He loves to run and play, and especially delights in tormenting his half sister Cricket by stealing her cuddler through the fence, as well as racing back and forth 'roo-ing' at her. We hope to channel his running into lure coursing soon!

With Tex and Arrow as his parents, it's no surprise that JR is also a talker. He yodels joyously, sometimes for no reason at all except to show that he's happy!

JR finished his AKC championship with a bang taking Best of Breed over Specials from the Bred By Exhibitor class. He achieved his Grand Championship in October, 2012.