GCH Illusion's Stairway to Heaven
          DOB 01/04/2012
Ch Tammen's Born in the USA for Illusion
Ch Illusion's True Love Ways of Dune
Fanconi: Carrier by direct test
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows & Patellas: Normal
PRA : Clear
Zepp and Bob have worked really hard for him to reach this point.  At just a few days over 6 months of age his first show was to be the BCOA National Specialty in Gettysburg.  Unfortunately, Zepp's naturally cautious nature asserted itself, and he panicked when the judge for the Sweepstakes wanted to examine him. We pulled him from the rest of the show and spent several months working on his comfort level in the ring.  His next official show was almost 5 months later, and he took his first points.  He then went on to take Best of Breed from the classes over Specials, quickly picked up his majors and finished his Championship in a very short time.  He topped it all off by winning the Dallas-Fort Worth Basenji Club Specialty just 8 months after his panicky start, following in his grandsire Tex's footsteps - Tex had won it just 2 years previously.
Zepp is currently being specialed  and we're very proud of our handsome young man who has come so far in such a short time!