The Girls
Ch Illusion Tri Alil Tenderness of Dune
               DOB 02/14/2009
       Bred by Douglas Joy
          Basenjis of Dune
Ch Illusion's Rio Grande of Dune
Dune's Codename Rosebud
Fanconi: Clear
Hips: OFA Good
Dolly is also Tex's daughter, sister to Cricket. And like a typical Tex kid, she yodels on a regular basis. Dolly gets along well with all the other dogs; she's very easygoing.

While she doesn't have the confidence of her sister, she makes up for it by being very sweet and lovable. She was also the first of the young girls to actually learn and obey "Come" - maybe an obedience title could be in her future? It takes her a little longer to warm up to new people, but once she does, you're her friend for life.

Dolly was a bit overshadowed by her more outgoing sister, so now she's getting her chance to shine. She has outstanding movement and a nice square outline. The problem for her has been finding those elusive majors! She does have her UKC championship and we know it won't be long until she has her AKC championship as well.

**Dolly earned her AKC Championship in Austin, TX, and is now our only (so far) UKC and AKC Champion.**