The Girls

Ch.Illusion's Cachet from Svengali

             DOB 12/27/2011
DC Zindika Svengali Determinator, SC
Ch. Illusion's Mlia Amina
Fanconi: Clear
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows and Patellas Normal

PRA: Carrier

Chey inherited her dad's lovely dark brindle coat. She is a beauty who loves people and other dogs just like her mom, Amina. Her very elegant outline enabled her to get most of her points towards her AKC championship quickly, but then she languished for awhile searching for that elusive second major! She finally got it though and now will work on her Grand Championship.

Chey's favorite activity around home is to 'mole hunt." She's firmly convinced that if she just digs deep enough she will catch the busy critters that are tunneling through the back yard. So now we have molehills from the moles and Chey holes perfectly designed to trip up the unobservant human....

She is a very loving dog, and when not hunting for moles, will happily sit next to you and accept as much petting as you're willing to offer.

The plan is for her eventually to be bred to Zepp - we look forward to gorgeous, lovable puppies!